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I like listening to rock and (really really) indie music. I wouldn’t say I’m a cinephile but I don’t really know anymore. I recently received underwater frogs my friend for my birthday.

I am an existentalist and a nihilist in case you were wondering. Actually, I’m going to stop now before my writing gets out of hand. You can ask and talk to me about anything and I’ll probably have a comeback for it.

xoxo your Giulia ✉ You can find me also on: You Tube: Cara Giulia ✉ Twitter: heycaragiulia ✉ Instagram: tumblrpenpalblogs & heycaragiulia ✉ New Website safer & free - Pen Pal Culture Hi!

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I’m also known as a source of entertainment for a lot of people (that’s just how funny I am)***don’t like small talk *****this is like making a tinder profile but for companionshiptumblr: beezus-cruises Hi, I’m Kaley and I am in the process of trying to find a pen pal.

I’m 17 and live in the United States (southern) I was hoping to find someone that I could send snail mail to and include pictures, art, post cards, etc. I would like to do snail mail and write back and forth to people 13-18.

I spend most of my day listening to music & working at a barn.

I’m hoping to find a pen pal & hopefully if we live close enough hangout sometime.

I’ve done this before but i’ve never really found anyone i can properly connect to :( So here i am again!!

Uuu UUHhhh-I’m gay af so if youre not okay with that then byee-I like to think of myself as poetic and shit because i write a lot but im actually terrible at words unless i have ages to place them.-I also love to read and at the moment my favourite book is Call Me By Your Name like wow holy shit it was so beautiful and well written and sweet and sad and if youve ever read it please hit me up.-I love letters and whatnot and if your contact me ill want tostart sending them immediately so only message me if youre okay with that!To use the search box on your phone typ in: findteenpenpals.tumblr.com/search/ typ in a keyword after search/ ✉ With all these things being said, I wish you an amazing day!And feel free to always contact me if you need someone to talk to :)!I’ve been here for over a year and I’ve had no luck finding a friend.So, I’m 16 I’m a pretty laid back person & I’m down with almost anything.|-I would also love to start a youtube channel with you to keep in contact!! Superheros, Sherlock, anime, music, climbing, drawing, and baking. I’m really just looking for someone to get to know. my name is sam (short for samantha) and im 15 years old from australia!


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